Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my mom constantly taking pictures with her Olympus 35mm camera.
She was always taking candids of us, and at some point during my Junior High school years I began to take pictures as well, using disposable cameras, mimicking my mom.

I began to document all aspects of my teenage life and quickly developed a passion for photography that has lasted throughout my adult life. I've been working for several years now turning my passion into art. Through my art, I have had the pleasure of engaging in photographic community events to sharpen my skills which has led to having my work featured on a multitude of websites, and regional print work.

My blessed life has bestowed upon me a beautiful wife, three gorgeous children, and a world of loving family and friends. My ability to paint a moment in time with my camera creates a gateway to the past with a crystal clear artistic imagery. I now wish to share this gift of recounting each moment of perfect clarity with your family.